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Accounting is one of the most important services that each business needs, and one which it has a legal requirement to get right. It can be daunting to those whose strength does not lie in numbers or who are not up to scratch with the latest guidance.

In addition to the legal requirements, often businesses are not receiving all the benefits granted to them under the law, due to the lack of having a dedicated accounting resource at their disposal.

Our goal is to remove this obstacle and ensure that this critical function is taken care of, and therefore allowing you to focus on the core products/ services that you deliver.

We provide a range of accounting and tax services which are most in demand by businesses. These services are delivered in professional way and in a manner simple enough to be understood by all.

We will help you ensure that all of your legal requirements are fulfilled and also help you identify more efficient ways of operating.

What we cover

  • Annual Accounts preparation & returns

  • Confirmation Statements completion & submission

  • Monthly/ Quarterly Management Accounting

  • Bookkeeping

  • Tax computation, preparation & submission

  • VAT assessment & calculation

  • Taxation policy consultancy

  • Audit & Assurance

  • Financial Training

How this helps you

  • Ensure statutory compliance

  • Timely submission of legally required returns

  • Create/ develop systems for robust record keeping

  • Production of management financial information to aid decision making

  • Accurate calculation of tax liability

  • Assistance ensuring that tax deadlines are met

  • Consultancy services which will assist your company position itself in the most favourable position for tax

  • Strengthen internal controls within your company to help reduce the possibility of grad and error

  • Create transparency with staff and investors

  • Provide you with the skills to manage your own internal finances

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